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April 2012

When worship becomes an addiction

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By David Walker I’m a worship leader in a church that immensely values the musical expression of worship. I love music that connects and gives people an opportunity to respond to God. With all that is in me, I feel this is a good thing. But what happens when this musical expression becomes the central focus, instead of the King…

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What you need to know before recruiting young people to your leadership team

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By Mike Breen The following is a brief excerpt from Mike’s forthcoming book Multiplying Missional Leaders, which comes out at the beginning of May.  One of the problems about Millennials (or Gen Y, the generation right after Gen X) is that people within the generation have, in general, been over-parented. This is a sociological reality that has been studied to death….

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Back to the future: What does the young adult ministry of the future look like?

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By Rich Atkinson “It’s time for a revolution – a revolution that changes those ever-depressing facts we hear about youth and young adults walking away from the church.” I’ve sat in so many meetings and conferences where I’ve heard someone (or been someone) giving this rallying cry. It seems we all agree that it’s time for something different that stems the…

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