3 Things this Friday

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ONE: Today is Wendy’s last day at the office before she embarks on her maternity  leave. She and Chad will be heading to the hospital early Monday morning as Monday will be delivery day.  The Wayfarer Family is always so excited when new life comes into  the community.  So please join us in praying for the Norris Family, Chad, Wendy, Sam, Ruthie and Jack.  That they will have some good family times together this weekend leading into their new addition who will be arriving on Monday.

TWO: The ladiest tea at Anderson University went well last night.  Us Wayfarer women all enjoyed having the opportunity to share and it seems that we were well received.  We spent over an hour after the tea just talking with many college students who had questions for us after hearing parts of our life story.  We again were so thankful for the opportunity to partner with Anderson and hope to do it again sometime down the road.


THREE:  Dave Rhodes is back on the road this weekend heading to LaGrange, GA to be with First Baptist Church.They are doing one of our Room 1228 themes, Recalled.  We are praying that they have a great weekend and that God would do amazing things in the lives of their students.


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