4 Missional Rhythms For Students

By December 1, 2014Mission

One of the beautiful things about student’s schedules is they are predictable! This is key to creating effective missional rhythms. The idea is to leverage the already occurring rhythms of your day for mission. Think inclusive. Ask yourself: “What are things I already do that I can invite God to lead me in that I might be good news to my peers?”


Everyone’s got lunchtime, and you get to choose how and with whom you spend it! For you extroverts, try looking for classmates who you might invite to hang out with at lunch. Once you get past the awkward ask… you just might have a party on your hands. If that’s too risky, try doing a prayer walk with a friend one lunch per week. Ask God what He’s up to on campus, talk about ways you might partner with Him and go for it!


Study groups can be great opportunities to get to know people and get stuff done too! Pull study groups together and be intentional about the people as well as the math problems. Be sensitive to where your classmates might have a need or a way that you could encourage them beyond class work.


Go to games, plays, recitals, any way you can encourage and support. Look for opportunities to talk to friends, and make new ones. Pray for people if they are injured, or nervous.


Birthdays are great ways to let people know they are special. Get to know people’s birthdays and put them in your calendar. On their birthday week, rally students and teachers to help celebrate and let them know that people care! Be creative!




This post comes from Chris Ozorio who is a student minister here in Pawleys and a great friend to the Wayfarer team!


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