5 Wintery IN Ideas

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While Christmas is a wonderful and appropriate time to spend “out” serving in the community, it’s also a fun excuse to spend “in” time with your church family! Here are some fun “in” ideas to make memories with your youth group!

Game Night/Gift Exchange!
– Have each of your students bring an (already wrapped) ornament or mug that they feel represents them (if they play soccer, maybe a soccer ball. Or if they love cats, it could have a cute cat decoration).
– Put the wrapped ornaments/mugs in the center of the room and have everyone grab one.
– As the students open them, have everyone guess whose they picked. Use this time to have them say something nice to the person who brought the gift.
*To make this game last longer, print out cards that say “trade with the person who has the longest hair” or “trade with the person who has a present with the most red on the wrapping.” Continue playing until all cards run out.*

Movie night
A staple. A classic. Pick a movie you all know, and make a game out of it. Have people come dressed as the characters, act out scenes, or play a trivia game afterward. Make hot chocolate and enjoy the night being silly together!

Decorating party!
One of my friends who was a youth pastor gave me this idea. He and his wife had just moved, and they didn’t have any ornaments or decorations. So they invited the youth to their house to craft and decorate. Now they have amazing ornaments and decorations that remind them of their students who now have families of their own.

Ice Games
Ice skating: This can get a little expensive, but it’s always a fun and hilarious experience!

Sledding/Ice blocking: If you live somewhere it snows, go sledding with your youth group! If you’re like me, you’ve never lived somewhere it snows in your ENTIRE LIFE. So, my youth group and I would go ice blocking. Note: this is not legal in all places (i.e. do NOT try this on a golf course). Be sure to double-check that you’re allowed to do this. Buy large blocks of ice at your local grocery store, and take them to a large grassy hill. Put towels down on top of the ice, and have races down the hill!

Christmas Karaoke/Lip Sync
Choose your favorite Christmas songs and have a karaoke or lip sync competition! For those of you who’ve been to Wayfarer Camp – you know how fun a lip sync party can be and for those who haven’t seen our Lip Sync it goes a little like this! Crazy costumes, silly dance moves, and Christmas cheer – a recipe for a hilarious and unforgettable holiday party!


The Christmas season is a time for serving AND for partying! Whatever you do, enjoy your time together!


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