5 Wintery Out Ideas

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There are lots of ways to get out in your communities during winter, even if it is cold out there. The holiday season seems to allow people to be open to receive from others, so use the season as an excuse to bless others and show the love of Christ. All we have to do is offer joy and blessings in simple ways. You’ll be amazed by others’ receptivity!

Starbucks Holiday Drink Delivery
Everyone loves the Starbucks Red Cups. It remind us that the Christmas holiday season has come! But even better than the cups are the seasonal drinks inside. Get a group of friends together and gift a holiday drink to those you want to bless. Pray and brainstorm about who may need some joy this holiday season. Think outside the box – the Lord might reveal someone you never thought about: maybe the neighbor you never talk to, the elderly woman you know who can’t drive herself to Starbucks, or someone who works long hours at a store in your town. You can also pay for the drink of the person behind you in line – what a blessing!

Operation Christmas Child or Angel Tree
Operation Christmas Child is a yearly campaign run by Samaritan’s Purse. The project sends Christmas presents to those less fortunate in other countries. It has had incredible impact around the world. Angel Tree is a similar project, run by Prison Fellowship. This organization sends Christmas presents to children in the States who have parents in the prison system, and who may not receive any other presents during Christmas. Many churches do these projects every year, and it is simple for groups to participant and send gifts. Projects like these are simple and easy ways to serve others in a really practical way. For more information, go to

Blanket and Socks Give Away
Many homeless shelters are overwhelmed in the winter months, as there are many people needing shelter from the cold. Those who are looking for shelter really need a way to stay warm in the cold nights, but don’t have the resources to do so. Have your community gather as many blankets and winter socks as possible. You can buy warm blankets and socks for great prices at places like Walmart and Target. After you gather them, drop them off at the shelter so that they can be handed out when people come in. Pray over each item, that the Lord will bless those who receive them. Also, don’t hesitate to contact a local homeless shelter and ask how you and your group can serve any other needs they might have.

Hot Chocolate Stand
We have all seen and heard of lemonade stands in the summer. Hot chocolate stands are just as simple! (But in my opinion even better, because it’s hot chocolate!) Grab some friends and find a busy street with lots of pedestrians or a mall (you may need permission for this), set up a table, and give out some cups of joy. You will be amazed how open people are to talking to you when you are handing them chocolatey goodness! Ask simple questions about their lives, or what they’re looking forward to this season. (Tip: keep the hot chocolate warm by using warm carafes or very insulated mugs, and pour the drinks into styrofoam cups as they’re ordered.) A couple marshmallows go a long way!

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to go door-to-door with friends, caroling in our neighborhood. It is fun to look at all the Christmas lights and sing along the way. Surprisingly enough, people love to open the door to a group of singing strangers. It just feels like Christmas! One time, my friends and I were caroling and we were invited inside by an amazing family. They served us hot chocolate and warm apple cider, and we spend a long time sharing stories with one another. This truly is one of my favorite memories.

You may be tempted to stay indoors by the fire, but don’t let the cold keep you in! There are so many opportunities to get out in your community and show the love of Christ. Get ready for a fun time of making holiday memories and serving others in the process!


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