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As we continue to spread the word about Wayfarer Camp, we’re collecting testimonials and comments from youth ministers, adult leaders, and students who were a part of the first Wayfarer Camp earlier this summer. We thought we’d share a few of these comments with you to show you how Wayfarer Camp continues to influence people and to begin to think together with you about how God will work at Wayfarer Camp this summer.

In the past, my experience with camp has been that it can tend toward two extremes.  Some camps are geared more towards the “big sexy rock show,” and while the programming is slick, the speakers are polished, and the band, lights and sound are phenomenal, I’ve often found that the passion that those camps inspire is quickly quenched back in the real world and that I rarely leave with a deeper knowing of or sense of being known by Jesus.  Other camps attempt to be more contemplative or geared around service or mission, and while this does seem to stir up something deeper in my students and me, it’s often hard to get as many students to participate or come back because it often lacks the pop that balances out the deep work that is going on in their hearts.
Wayfarer Camp has bridged the gap between wow and worship. They have created a beautiful blend of excellence and authenticity that is refreshing in today’s increasingly plastic world.  The greatest compliment that I can give them is to testify that ALL of us (myself and the adult leaders included) who went to camp last summer with Wayfarer encountered the love of God in a powerful way. It’s hard to find balance and to maintain the tensions that Christ has called us to live in, but if you are interested in teaching your students to do so, take them to Wayfarer Camp.  There you will find faithful and gifted teachers of the Kingdom of God who, like Jesus said they would, bring out of their storehouses new treasures as well as old.
– Jesse, youth minister
The camp was life changing. Never have I felt so comfortable, so inspired to talk with God every moment of the day. I got to see God work in so many ways, and he spoke to me in so many ways that I was just in shock but looking forward to what will happen next. I appreciate what Wayfarer did and excited for what is to come.
-Jake, student
The worship times changed my view of worship. It made me realize that God doesn’t just want us to sing words we’ve heard all our lives; He wants our hearts to be wrapped around Him.
-Rachel, student
Historically, our group led our own retreats because of the high value we place on worship, teaching, and community was hard to find elsewhere. Camps kind of undershot/led our flock. We took a risk choosing to go with Wayfarer Camp hoping for at least a level comparable to any camp in the country. Personally, I hoped these guys would offer an experience similar to what our flock shared week to week. What I didn’t expect was for my staff and volunteers to come home refreshed, recharged, and inspired to serve. Our students were invited to worship and learn with their heart, mind, and body at new levels, and they did. Our time with Wayfarer pushed us closer to Jesus and personally humbled me deeply. Our staff and all of our students were blown away. Wayfarer camp now is an intregal part of our yearly efforts. 
-Chris, youth minister
Wayfarer was a great experience. I was able to freely worship God without having to worry about how I would be perceived by others because the worship team made us all want to worship.
– Rebekah, student
The thing that impacted me most about Wayfarer camp is that our students were allowed the opportunity to be real about where they were and then to work through those things in light of Christ and His word. All of my students who attended are ready to come back again, and their favorite part of camp was the worship experience.
– Will, youth minister

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