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One of the best things about working at Wayfarer is having great friends around the country whom we enjoy working with. One of these friends is Dan Rhodes. Not only is Dan Dave Rhodes’ brother; Dan has also partnered with Wayfarer several times as a writer and even as a staffer at Wayfarer Camp this past summer.

Dan and his pastor Tim Conder have just released a new book called Free for All, and we wanted to make sure that our blog followers know about it. Here’s a brief summary of the book, which is available at Amazon and other major bookstores:

Say “free-for-all,” and most people imagine a brawl. But what if we had a free-for-all with the Bible? What if we opened up to aggressive interpretation within the communities of our local churches? In this provocative book, Tim Conder and Daniel Rhodes explore the critical need to encounter Scripture collectively, and then they invite us to listen in as a group from their church delves into four Bible passages–the obscure, the emotive, the familiar, and the controversial. Free for All makes a compelling case for communities as a valid authority for biblical interpretation. The authors show that communities are capable of breaking open the texts in fresh and surprising ways, unleashing them anew into our lives.


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