A Fun Way to Kill Time (Here I Sit)

By June 16, 2014Mission

Another great game idea from the Recman! This game is perfect for when the students are waiting around for their youth events to begin!


Here I sit!

This is a great game when you are looking to waste time or kill a few minutes. It is a great game for an inside environment.

Have about 10 people sit in a circle of chairs and the remaining number make a line ready to rotate in. There is one extra chair that is empty in the circle.

The person to the left of the empty chair starts the game by moving into it while saying “here I sit”. The next person moves into the newly emptied chair while saying “in this chair”. The next person down the line (who is now next to the newest emptied chair) moves into the empty chair and says “with my friend…. (and names someone in the circle)”. The person named gets out of their seat and occupies the empty chair. The people on either side of the empty chair then have to quickly occupy the empty chair next to them. The first one to get into the chair is “safe”. The one who doesn’t get into the chair is “out” and moves outside the circle and a new person takes their place. The game then continues with the person next to the empty chair moving into it and saying “here I sit”, starting the process over and over and over.

This game can get wild and I would be lying if I said the Recman has not had to replace a chair or two.

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