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            It’s not often that you can recommend something or someone without reservation. But without question, that’s what the Wayfarer team can do with Will Mancini. Will is the lead navigator for Auxano, which helps churches discover their unique DNA. This process has been invaluable in helping us get a much clearer picture of who God has created Wayfarer to be. In fact, much of the new look you see on this blog and on our new website – www.wayfarer.tv, if you want the cheap plug – is due to the process Will led us on.

            Will has taken this six-month process and distilled it into a new book called Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement. The book does a great job of distilling the Auxano process and helping church leaders see how they can go through it. It’s a great resource that we recommend to any church that is trying to figure out what it is about or what it wants to be about, or that is stuck in a fog about what unique DNA God has given it. There are a lot of samples and insights from the book at its website.

            Will and his Auxano team have also created a resource for church leadership teams and staffs called the Vision Deck. This resource is a series of 52 activities for church staffs designed to drive home vision, strategy, mission, and values. As you’re learning more about Will and his team, check the Vision Deck out too to see if it’s something that can help your team.


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