A sneak peek to Louisiana

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Every Friday here on the blog, we tell you about the events that Wayfarer’s team of speakers are going to. Well, today we have a treat — pictures from an event Dave Rhodes did a couple of weekends ago. (Here’s the post telling you a little about the event.)

















We don’t always get the chance to share about what happened at these events, but when the guys return we always hear great stories about how God is using them, the conversations they’re having, and more. We hope that these pictures serve as a reminder that God is using Wayfarer not just in the upstate of South Carolina and not just through the resources that we produce but also among pockets of people all across the country as Dave, Chad, and Chris travel to speak and share and experience the good news of Christ.

And for even a little more insight, check out Kim Rhodes’ blog to find out what she thought of when she saw one of these pictures.


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