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As Alabama YEC 2010 concludes, students across Alabama are starting the Break Down challenge. Here are the instructions:

After becoming Breakable at YEC this year, we invite you to take part in a 21-day challenge that will break down what we’ve learned and help us take it into our communities across Alabama.

The challenge is in the form of 21 MOs, or mission opportunities. You will focus on one mission opportunity each day.

At the bottom of each MO card, there is a section that you should sign once you complete that day’s mission. Bring these signed cards to church each week so that you can demonstrate how you’ve joined with the rest of your group to do the Break Down challenge.

Begin this challenge on Sunday, July 18 by going to church together, and take it from there.

The challenge is divided into 7 Special Ops, and each three-day Op revolves around a key thing we do in life. There will be an icon on each MO card to remind you what Op that day’s mission is part of.

If you miss a day’s challenge, don’t give up. Just pick up with the next day’s challenge so that you can stay with the Break Down challenge throughout the 21 days.

With each of the 7 Ops, you will progress from a solo mission to a two-person mission to a four-person mission. There will be an icon on each MO card to remind you what kind of mission you are on that day.

As you begin each of the 7 Ops, read all three missions so that you can do any planning necessary to complete the missions that are part of that Op.


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