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img_0057The Wayfarer team. Dave Rhodes, David Reichley, and Chad Norris played with CrossRoads Community Church pastor Steve Keyes Monday in Southside Christian School’s Pastor Appreciation golf tournament. And the team with Wayfarer guys won the whole shooting match with a score of 12-under-par.

We asked Chad Norris to reflect on the tournament. Here are some of his thoughts:

*”Since Wayfarer is an inter-church ministry, we like to cross paths with as many ministries as we can. This tournament was a great chance to do that.”
*”Sometimes it’s difficult to serve the Lord. That’s why we sacrifice by sharing our gifts through playing as many golf tournaments as we can.”
*”Two things happened on this day. We reconnected with a lot of partners in ministry, and we won the golf tournament.”
*”It was an honor for me to anchor the Wayfarer team.”
*”In all seriousness, Southside Christian School is doing a great work, and they put on a great tournament.”'

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