Anderson event – Session 2

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We continued the intersection event at Anderson Tuesday night. In this session, we continued our look at Core Values through our series Tales of a Wayfarer as Chad Norris looked at the value Wrestle before Settle. In the talk, Norris talked about the importance of us engaging God and wrestling him to the point where we refuse to let go of him. He based this talk on the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:22-32.

We then reflected on what we’ve experienced in the first two sessions by reflecting on six questions:

What inspired you?
What disturbed you?

How will you think differently about God?
How will you speak honestly about yourself?
How will you love others boldly?

What is your next step?

We’ve got one more session Wednesday morning at 10. Remember that you can listen to the message on the Engage podcast here, and you can comment on your experiences at the intersection event here or on the Tell Us page above.'

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