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Doug Paul

Celebration – A picture can say it all

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We all loved hearing Robert share about his Jack & Jill experience.  When a love story is and continues to be Celebrated like this…. How can you not just smile.  The best part of any love story has to be the opportunity to “Celebrate”.  Our Wayfarer staff has enjoyed watching their story unfold and sharing their joy with them at each step of the way….

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Meet Robert Neely – Concepts and Editorial Designer

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Robert serves as a concepts and editorial designer for Wayfarer’s written intersections. As a writer and editor, he seeks to create and design clear, challenging, and Christ-filled lessons, devotions, and readings that bring people into collisions with Jesus that awaken them to a new way of following God. He also contributes to the creative process of Wayfarer’s events and serves…

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Meet David Reichley – Lead Processor

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David is Wayfarer’s lead processor and our team captain when it comes to the production of our intersections, making sure all the technical and personnel issues are in place to help people in the room collide with God. He also spearheads our fundraising events, the booking process for our speakers, budgeting, communication with our board of directors, and other administrative…

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Meet Blake Berg – Artist

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Blake, Wayfarer’s artist, is more than just a designer or a video producer. He calls himself a visual communicator. Just as our speakers try to use words to communicate the message God puts on our hearts, Blake seeks to find ways to communicate the message through something you see and experience. Blake is a native of Irvine, Calif., and a…

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