Back to School for the Wayfarer Kids

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The Wayfarer Kids headed back to school this week.  Brennan Reichley started 2nd grade and Logan Reichley started first grade.  They started at a brand new school facility this year and Courtney their mom finally let them ride the bus.  Needless to say they were excited to get back to school.

Sam Norris and Emma Rhodes started their school journey this week as well by heading off to their first day of Kindergarten.  Rumors had it that Norris was found weeping exiting the school with teachers having to tell him that it would be ok.  But needless to say both Sam and Emma were thrilled to start at the “big school.”

Pictures of Brennan and Logan on their first day back at school are coming soon…………

Sam Norris first day of school:

Emma Rhodes first day of school:

Our children at Wayfarer are an important part of why we do what we do.  If you saw our Christmas card from this past year you’ll understand the growing role that they are playing.  We love our Wayfarer kids.  We are praying for each of them to have a wonderful impactful year at school this year.'

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  •' Courtney says:

    Is Kim the only one used to getting up that early? School is tough…on the kids too!

  •' Erin says:

    Wow… Sam looks remarkably calm next to his parents, who look like they’ve been crying for hours! It’s just his first day of school guys… good luck at his future graduation, wedding and every other significant milestone in his life. We’ll keep plenty of tissues and an oxygen tank close by next time!
    You crack me up! Love you!

  •' Hunter says:

    I’m emotional just thinking about Sam and Emma actually entering Kindergarten! It seems like just yesterday when “Nana” Penny would stroll them down to Kim’s grandparents’ house for their daily popsicle. They were just two toddlers! Time flies, doesn’t it?! They are going to have a great year! It will be fun for ya’ll to have interesting Reidville Elementary things to talk about around the dinner table each night with them!! Can’t wait to hear what they come up with!!

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