Between Wyomings

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Robert Neely writes:

My brother Chase just finished his last semester of college, and one of his side projects has been to work with Thomas Nelson publishers to promote a new book called Between Wyomings. The book is written by Ken Mansfield, a longtime record producer of bands like the Beatles as well as of many of the musicians in the outlaw country movement. (Ken also wrote The White Book about his time with the Beatles.)

This new book tells a lot about Ken’s past and includes some great music-industry stories while also talking about how Ken left that life behind when he began to follow Christ. The book tells these stories in the context of a road trip that Ken and his wife took to visit many of his past haunts. Throughout the journey, Ken lets the songs on his iPod remind him of stories about the bands and of his past – and then talks about why he’s glad he left that past behind to follow God.

It’s an interesting read, and Ken’s authentic relationship with God continually shines through the memoir. All in all, it’s an entertaining and hopeful book that would make a good vacation read, especially for music lovers.'

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