Breakable – From Routine to Revival

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With all the talk last week about our free 1228 series Rulebreaker (which is still free) we have yet to talk about our other Room 1228 series that was also just released.  Breakable!

Breakable :: From Routine to Revival

Life is a routine, and that routine can grind us down. When this happens in our spiritual lives, we end up going through life as if God isn’t really alive and at work in our lives. But this is not the way God wants us to live.

When our lives fall into this spiritual dullness, we need new life that can only come from God. And to get this new life, this revival, we need to be breakable. As we break up the hard ground in our lives, God breaks in to lead us toward the kinds of breakthroughs that cause revival to break out all around us.'

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