Busy, busy, busy part 2

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The road guys aren’t the only ones that are busy this week. We’ve crammed all sorts of meetings onto the schedule here in the office, including:

*a meeting with one of our partners to talk about a potential new project
*a meeting internally with our team to talk through all the details of a proposal we’re presenting to another of our new partners
*a meeting today with a friend of ours, Jose, who is now on staff with Brookwood Church in Greenville as a missions coordinator. We’re looking for ways to plug our team and the Engage community into the great work that Brookwood is doing around the world and especially in the African nation of Liberia
*a meeting tomorrow with our friends from Grace Church, who are starting a Sunday a.m. service @ the Handlebar this fall. We’ll be talking about what we’ve learned from doing Engage in that room and how we can share resources in the room going forward

That’s a taste of what’s going on around here this week as our office-based staff does our part while our speakers go around and do theirs. It’s another reason our team works!


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