Camp Ending and Starting

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Dan and Chris just got back from the first week of camp.   Dan, who was ministering with Fellowship Bible Church in Atlanta (the Houseboat Camp) said he had a great week.  He said, “It wan an amazing experience.  Something I’ve never done or scene before.”  Dan went on to say that, “The most amazing thing was to see how these students were able to build such a great level of community together.”  I guess that happens when you spend 7 days on a boat without all the access to the normal world.  So Dan we are glad you are back safe and thanks again for investing in these student’s lives. 

Chris also returned from his week at camp in Pensacola with First Baptist Church in Atlanta.  He just called in and said they got home safe and are getting things adjusted before he heads out again this Friday to be with Student Life at Shocco Springs, AL.  We’ll be sure to get an update from Chris.

And don’t forget that this week, right now, Chad and Dave are in the midst of getting their camps off to a running start.  Chad made it safely to TX yesterday and had good flights (he’s not the biggest fan of flying!)  and said he’s out in the middle of no where in the great state of TX with 18 churches and 800 students and excited about kicking off the week.  Dave also checked in and said they got off to a great start last night in Talladega, AL with Student Life with the opening night of camp.'

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