Jesus’ life was characterized by a balance between his relationship with his Father,
his community, and the world. Wayfarer Camp is an intentional reflection of this,
so that your students learn to live a balanced life like Jesus.

Up | our relationship with God

We experience God together in worship, teaching, and our response. We pause together in moments of reflection, soaking in God’s presence, and making decisions that change our lives.

In | our relationships with each other

We enjoy recreation and fun times during the day. We grow together in church group time and huddles. And we hang out at the Afterparty each night as students engage in celebrating life together.

Out |our relationships with the world

We do a camp-wide service project as an intentional way of living out what we’re learning together.


The camp theme is creatively incorporated into every aspect of camp. Students are able to fully engage in the message, from the large-group sessions to the games that are played. We utilize different spaces for students to engage with the message in various ways, including personal devotion, huddle, and tribe time.


The small-to-big progression allows students to first hear God individually and concludes with listening and responding to him together. We begin each day with personal devotion, leading into huddle (6-10 people), then tribe time (50-100 people), and finally corporate worship & message. Each of these spaces allows the students to uniquely engage and build upon what they’re learning. This empowers the students to engage with the message at a greater level, through devotionals, discussions, games, and worship.

Personal Devotion

Students begin their day with an opportunity to listen and speak to their Father in personal devotion. They are led into scripture and then prompted to evaluate their world in light of what they learn. This is a critical beginning step in the daily process of receiving from the Lord.


In huddle, students take what they have heard from The Lord and bring it to a group of 6-10 people. Each student has the opportunity to share with others, as well as encourage one another to find clarity in what they sense God saying. Huddle is dictated by two questions: “What is God saying?” and “What am I going to do about it?”

Tribe Time

Students come together in groups of 70-90 students around their age, to find their identity in an extended spiritual family. Tribe is a time of group learning through loud, fun and interactive teaching, which is designed to build upon the message of the week.

Corporate Worship

Corporate worship is time to gather as the body of Christ to worship God and celebrate how good he is and has been. It is easy to celebrate together, as everyone will have been receiving from the Lord in various ways all day. The structure of small-to-big also allows the Speaker to take the teaching to a new depth in corporate gatherings, as all of the initial learning has already taken place.


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We believe that the Christian life should be a balance of structure and spontaneity, and camp shouldn’t be any different. Though we value structure and sticking to our commitments in the schedule, we allow for flexibility if our team feels that the Holy Spirit is leading in a different direction.

2 SPEAKERS vs. 1

With two diverse speakers, the delivery style of the message is changed up each day, ensuring that a wide-range of students can hear the message at some point in the camp week, in a manner that best suits them. This will help to avoid a student feeling a disconnect each night because he or she doesn’t resonate with a speaker’s style. The two speakers partner together, guaranteeing a cohesive message that builds as the week progresses.


We don’t want Wayfarer Camp to be a once-a-year “mountain top” experience. Our desire is for you to take the camp experience with you, wherever you go.


We understand we only have a short time together during our week at Wayfarer Camp. We love being with your students for that short time,  but it is our goal that creative responses, encounters with God, intimate prayer, etc. are experienced with the local leadership of the student ministry. This helps the students be strengthened and supported in their growth the rest of the year.


It takes a village to raise a child, and we love being a part of yours! We set aside intentional time at Wayfarer Camp to invest in your Adult Leaders, who in turn are equipping and empowering your students throughout the year. In addition, we have on staff qualified writers and teachers who will be in a position to facilitate discussions with your adult chaperones/huddle group leaders. We believe that these times are beneficial not just for sessions at camp but for back at home as well.


Through our Service Projects we partner with local organizations who have established year round relationships in the community. We take these partnerships seriously and use our week of camp to help continue the work of the Kingdom locally. This means we are not trying to introduce the Kingdom of God, as much as we are trying to see and partner with where it is already at work.

Land Camp

July 17-21, 2017
Wilmore, KY


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