Chad home for a week and left again yesterday….

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Chad was able to catch his breath a little this past week before his next camp.   Chad left yesterday to be with Brainerd Bapitst Church from Chattanooga, TN.  Their group of Students are heading to Camp Cherokee near Cleveland, TN.  They are molding their camp this year around the Theme, Stranger than Fiction (see above picture)Chris did a disciple now event for them back on 2006 so this is the second time we have partnered with this church.  Chad is also taking Sam with him to camp.  It’s always wonderful when a church welcomes our guys to bring along their family.   While back in the office Chad was able to give an update on his last 2 camps in TX and MO as well as a major family update.  So enjoy Chad’s entry below!



Weight Watchers.  Well that lasted about 42 hours.  I got so hungry I ate my Weight Watchers book.  My first camp was in the middle of absolute nowhere.  I was on the Alto Frio River a couple of hours west of San Antonio.  It was like being in a foreign country.  Hardly any people in that little town.  The nearest Wal Mart was 50 miles away.  I got off to a great start.  I really love real people.  I had a great experience with the John Sherrill band.  Great guys from Texas.  Speaking of Texas…  Man they love their state!  I have never seen people so passionate about their state.  I really enjoyed the 134 degree heat.  It was nice.  I also love not seeing any trees or green grass for that matter.  Sounds like home.   

THEE Camp.  I’ve said it many times, these guys know how to do camp.  The Gibbons family is like my own family.  I love them!  Check them out on the web.  If more people knew about THEE Camp, it would explode.  Matt brings in a dance team from LA and they are incredible.  Two of the dancers made it to “So You Think You Can Dance.”  They are amazing.  Missouri is a cool place.  I could definitely make it work there.  

I am taking Sam to camp with me this week.  Pray for me.  As long as Wendy does not know that he does not change clothes for three days, I’m fine.  By the way, Norris Baby # 3 will be here in February.  The old man still has it!!!  I’m going to be a daddy again.  We are praying for a boy.  If Wendy has a girl, I will have to go back on medication.  Have a great week friends!'

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  •' Wendy says:

    Good to know on the Sam clothing bit! instead of being disgusted by the news, i’ll just opt to not pack as many clothes next time around! boys will be boys…even when they’re 35 years old.

    As for our major family news, yes #3 is a shock to our system and for us, having a boy would seem to lessen the shock factor a little, but (& speaking for CHAD, too, on this!), we are very excited about our little surprise and will wait with great anticipation to discover if we get to add a little boy or little girl to our family…And, Chad wants a boy simply so he doesn’t have to change his child’s clothes at camp but every 3 days…a little girl wouldn’t put up with that!!!! And, his “pigtail up-dos” aren’t the best in town, but with another girl, he’d have to get really good at that, too!! But, in his private moments, he admits those girly kisses are hard to pass up and would enjoy even more lipsticked lips on his cheeks!! We’ll keep everyone posted!

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