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There is big family controversy brewing here at the Wayfarer Office. Some of the Wayfarer ladies heard about this book called Twilight and the series that follows. (If you’re not living under a rock, you know the movie is in theaters now.) So some of the Wayfarer women decided to discover what all the talk and hype was about.  

Then some fascinating rumors began to circulate around the office…..

  • 750-page books were being read in a matter of a day
  • Houses started to gain clutter as regular cleaning tasks were gradually ignored
  • Husbands were wondering where their dinner was
  • Laundry started to pile up
  • Kids were running through the house unsupervised
  • Sleep was no longer a priority
  • Did we mention that husbands started to wonder where their dinner was?

The women began to snicker.  What was the big deal anyway?  It’s not like this doesn’t happen all the time during football season. Why were they even thinking about complaining about it?

And then it came to the wives. Hmmm. It would be the best Christmas gift ever.  What a great idea!

So men, don’t be surprised if you have a neatly wrapped new book called Twilight waiting for you under the tree. After all, we ladies are hoping you could learn a few things from Edward! 🙂

-written by Kim Rhodes

SIDE NOTE:  **Before anyone starts rolling their eyes or thinks how could anyone read or watch such a thing… let’s just be sure everyone knows that lots of what we do here at Wayfarer is reaching the teen generation and it’s very important that we are aware of the things that are happening in their world.'

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