Dawn heads to WinShape

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Dawn Sherill is off to Rome, Georgia, this weekend for the WinShape Women’s Retreat. We asked her to share her thoughts on what’s to come this weekend:

This weekend I am heading down to Rome, Georgia for a Women’s Retreat at the Winshape Retreat Center. My good friend, Mrs. Debbie Foley, the Administrator for one of our partners, Winshape Camps, is one of the speakers for Women Serving Christ, the organization behind this event.

Who could not be looking forward to a retreat with the title, Make sure you check the back of your hair before you walk out the door? I’m looking forward to spending a fun weekend at a beautiful location, along with some great ladies, drawing even closer to my God.

For a more in-depth description of the theme, you can check out http://www.womenservingchrist.org/


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