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It’s been a few months since we released The Domino Effect, and it’s always good when we get feedback from people who have been through the study. We recently got this email:”Thank you for preaching the message. The Domino Effect is an awesome DVD series I just starting teaching as a weekly small group and it’s having a huge impact. I plan on teaching it to youth boys once I finish this session. I also just got done listening to Tales of a Wayfarer, and it was such an awesome message from all three of you i had to listen to it again. What God is doing threw guys at Wayfarer is awesome. I am looking forward to Recalled coming out in 2009. and will be following the On the Verge Series.”

It’s great to hear feedback like this and also like the stories we’ve gotten on (You can check out the stories there.) Our publisher, Thomas Nelson, also loves to hear this feedback, and it would go a long way toward helping us do future projects with Thomas Nelson. You can let Thomas Nelson know what you thought of The Domino Effect here.'

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