Engage review 4/20 – God is not a God of the dead

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god-is-not-6We closed the spring 2009 season of Engage Monday night as Dave Rhodes led us to Luke 20, where we discovered that God is not a God of the dead. So instead of trying to cram God into our pre-existing rules, we need to lose our religion and let our imaginations and expectations live and expand in the God who is.

Then, to celebrate the end of the season, we rememebered how we have lost our religion in the God is Not series by stripping away six wrong pictures of God. We recalled that…

*God is not ashamed to be our God
*God is not mocked
*God is not a respector of persons
*God is not unjust
*God is not a secret to be kept
*God is not a God of the dead

Also at Engage, we announced a new partnership for international missions with Brookwood Church. You’ll hear a lot more about that starting this week here on the blog as well as on EngageGod.org and the Engage Facebook group, so keep checking back.

We’d love to hear your experiences with the God is Not series at Engage. Leave a comment on this post and let us know how your picture of who God really is has changed during this series.


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