Engage review – Flirt pt. 2

By February 9, 2009Archived

This week at Engage, we came face to face with doubt. As we experienced the way Jesus met “Doubting” Thomas in John 20, we discovered how Jesus challenges and changes our identity, and we asked ourselves whether we are living on love lockdown or with hearts let loose.
We’d love for you to leave a comment to tell us how the second installment of Flirt impacted you. And if you have a question, this is a great forum for that as well.
Two more things in review: if you want to interview to work at WinShape Camps this summer, as we talked about Monday, go to www.winshapecamps.org to set an appointment. They’re at North Greenville Wednesday and at Anderson Friday.
And if you want to catch up on the first two messages from the Flirt series, check out the Engage podcast.


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