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The Tasters conference was great this week. Wayfarer’s team got to hang out with some great friends in ministry as we all learned together from 3D Ministries about the Scriptures, discipleship, and the church. It was a great time of learning, fellowship, and encouragement.

We thought we’d share with you a little about our friends who went:

Eric Smith, who is the pastor of North Ridge Church, based near Jackson, Mississippi. This church plant held its first service last week. Before he became a church planter, he was a youth minister who brought in Wayfarer speakers at multiple churches.

Chad Hoeppel is the student pastor at Greenwood Baptist Church in Midland, Texas. He brought a group to Wayfarer Camp this year.

Carlton Hicks is the student pastor at Concord Baptist Church in Clermont, Georgia. He’s been a great friend of Wayfarer over many years, hosting several Wayfarer speakers at his church and bringing a group to Wayfarer Camp.

Dave Rhodes Sr. is not only the father of Wayfarer’s own Dave Rhodes; he’s also the discipleship pastor at Milestones Church in Spartanburg, S.C. Milestones has long been a partner church of Wayfarer.

Greg Darley is the founder of Backstage Leadership, a leadership organization that began two years ago, and of World Causes, which seeks to get people involved in solving the problems of poverty, injustice, and epidemic diseases. Greg is also a speaker based in upstate S.C.

Calvin and Randy Fields are friends from Louisville, Kentucky. Dave Rhodes originally met Calvin at Student Life camp a few years ago.

The week wouldn’t have been the same without these friends joining us. If you’re interested in coming with Wayfarer to a Tasters event soon, let us know. And in the coming weeks, we’ll let you know about some new resources from our friends at 3DM.'

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