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One of Wayfarer’s new partners in 2009 is Impact 360, which is a gap-year program between high school and college designed to help students develop a Christian worldview as well as their leadership skills. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Eric Turner and his team thus far this year.

This summer, Impact 360 is launching Propel, which is a summer-camp track based around the same ideals as the gap year. Wayfarer helped to consult on the curriculum for this summer’s Propel pilot, and we also spent a day with the Propel staff to help them think through what leading this track in a camp setting might look like. Now, that staff is piloting Propel at five different Student Life camps.

Today, part of the Wayfarer team is going to Toccoa, Georgia, to observe Propel. As we do at all of our site visits, we’re trying to observe the camp culture, schedule, and rhythm, all in an effort to learn and analyze what we can do better as contributors to camp curriculum. We’re also looking at what’s working and what’s not within the curriculum itself.

These site visits are really valuable, and we’re excited to get to make such a visit to Propel today. Chad Norris got to spend some time with the Propel track earlier this summer, and we’re glad to get another look at Propel so that Wayfarer can be the best partner possible for Impact 360 and Propel in the future.

You can find out more about Propel at www.propelmylife.com and about Impact 360 at www.impact360.net.


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