How to Have Good Relationship with your Senior Pastor

By November 13, 2013Faith

This is the third video in our weeklong video blog series. We are highlighting different Youth and Young Adult ministries in the Wayfarer movement each day.


Here’s the first video from Monday – Ben Hardman answering – How to Create Family on College Campuses

Here’s the second video from Tuesday – Gina Mueller answering – How to Balance Structure and Spontaneity in your Ministry


Today’s video is from Chris Brooks, he is on staff at Calvary Baptist, in Tuscaloosa, AL. He leads their college ministry called The Well. The part his ministry that we wanted to highlight today, does tend to be a hot topic in student ministry. It’s how did he gather lots of students, or even how to raise funding. But rather, how to have a good relationship with your senior pastor. This is essential lesson to learn in ministry when you are working within a wider church context. But it is also very applicable to those who are working outside of the churches “walls”, this is a general lesson on how to respect and honor those who are leading you.

Here’s Chris’s respond to our question – “How did you cultivate a good relationship with your senior pastor?”

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