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Each year, Wayfarer does a fundraising golf tournament. You might be wondering why we do this. We’ve tried as an organization to move toward being sustainable by working on developing partnerships with speaking and writing partners. But that doesn’t cover all of our expenses, especially when it comes to Engage, the ministry to 20-somethings we do in the fall and the spring here in Greenville.

We believe in Engage, and so we seek to raise funds to continue to put on this service that impacts so many people. And the biggest way we raise funds for Engage is through our annual golf tournament. That’s where you can plug in. We are looking for hole sponsors for our 2009 tournament. A sponsorship is $150, and we would love it for you to be one of these hole sponsors this year.

If you’re interested, click on this link and download the tournament brochure. You can also send this information to us via email or share it over the phone by calling 864.587.4985.

Thanks for caring about Wayfarer and supporting what God continues to do here. We’re excited about this year’s golf tournament and can’t wait to tell you how it goes.'

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