Improving Room 1228

By January 11, 2010Uncategorized

We wanted to give you a quick update on an improvement we’re making to Room 1228.

We’ve changed the download zones for all Room 1228 themes to make them more user-friendly. Now, instead of downloading one zip file at a time, you can select multiple files and zip them together in a single download. This way you can have an easy, a la carte way of customizing Room 1228 curriculum, art, and video packages to fit the needs of your ministry.

As you create your personalized download, the website will provide a download size estimate that will help you determine how long the download will take.

We’re excited to help you customize Room 1228 even more, and we’ll continue to look for more ways to make Room 1228 as user-friendly as possible. Thanks for joining us in Room 1228.'

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