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Vice Versa poster

Vice Versa poster

We’ve been telling you over the past month or so about how Wayfarer artist Blake Berg has been nominated for the Punctum Awards on the iStockphoto website. These awards pick the best photo, video, Flash file, and design of the year. Blake had two of his designs, a Vice Versa intersection poster and an Engage promotional poster, make it to the semifinal round because they won Design of the Week awards last fall. Then voting of iStock members determined the 10 finalists in each category.

Well, the votes are in, and Blake is in the finals — not once but twice! Both of his nominated designs made the top 10. Now a panel of three judges will pick the ultimate winner, which will be announced on August 19. He’ll compete against designs from the U.S., Poland, Australia, Canada, and Russia. You can view all the finalists here.

Engage @ the Handlebar 2007

Engage @ the Handlebar 2007

Congrats to Blake on this well-deserved recognition, and thanks to everyone who clicked over to iStock to vote for Blake in this contest. We can only hope the judges have good taste and vote for one of Blake’s designs as the year’s best.

UPDATE: It turns out that Blake is too good for his own good. Because of a one-finalist-per-user rule, iStock has replaced the Vice Versa poster with another nominee. This doesn’t change Blake’s accomplishment of having 2 designs voted into the top 10 or how proud we are of him. It just means we get to throw all our support behind the Engage poster to become the ultimate winner. We’ll keep you posted when the winners are announced Aug. 19.

UPDATE 2: Well, the judging is in, and Blake didn’t take the prize. But we’re proud of him for getting 2 finalists and for his strong showing in his contest. It’s so good to see others recognize the talent that Blake has, because we get to see it at work all the time. And we can’t wait till Punctum ’09, because we already know Blake is eligible to win next year. Way to go!'

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  •' Kim says:

    I’m so proud of you Blake!!!! I’m honored to be working with you at Wayfarer and being part of changing the world. I hope you win. I hope you get the recognition you totally deserve for your amazing tallent!!!!

    Kim R

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