It’s a Road Trip for some Office People

By June 27, 2008Uncategorized

David Reichley and Dawn headed to Nashville yesterday to meet up with Dave at the camp he is at this week and then all three of them will be heading to Thomas Nelson, our publisher this afternoon to meet about our next project that is to follow the Domino Effect.  It’s always fun anytime us “Office People” get to make a road trip. 

way pic 001

way pic 002

way pic 003'

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  •' creichley says:

    Why did David take my special suitcase? I can’t leave him alone for a minute. Maybe he just wanted to match Dawn’s car.

  •' Wendy says:

    He just wanted to be close to you, that’s all! He took a little of Courtney to Nashville! See you when you get home from PA!

  • love this!
    they were telling us at camp about you taking pictures of them as they left!

    loved meeting dawn. she is super sweet and wish we could have hung out longer. 🙂


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