It’s Party Time!

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How do you promote Wayfarer Camp to your youth ministry? With a party! Today, the Wayfarer team is packing up promo packs for youth ministers to help them let students in their groups know about Wayfarer Camp. With a bunch of churches signed up and a the first camp session all but full, we have a great group of churches on deck for Wayfarer Camp 2010. Now we’re looking to help those churches get their students signed up. Here’s a sneak peek at the party-themed promo packs.

If you want to sign your group up for Wayfarer Camp 2010, now is the time. Not only is the first week almost at capacity, but we’re also nearing the deadline for churches to sign up for the $20 discount of $229 per person. To get the discount, you must be registered AND pay your deposit by January 31. So now is the time! Visit or call 877-929-2453.'

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