Jack & Jill – Reichley’s Story

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who fell in love with a boy. Or I guess, a boy who fell in love with a girl. With the next series in Room 1228, Jack & Jill, being launched February 1, I am taking a minute to tell (or write) my own Jack & Jill story. February is a great month do that as we celebrate Valentines Day and mend resolutions we committed to just a month ago. So sit back and hopefully enjoy the story of David & Courtney Reichley (told in complete truth and 100% accuracy, at least as I can remember).

She was a freshman and I was a senior. The big man on campus. The soccer stud. The Intramural dominator. The Salton of Swat. The Great Bambino. Or so I thought. This would be no problem for me to introduce myself and get started getting to know the pretty blond from Pittsburgh. Rumors had preceded her as a friend barged into my house exclaiming “there is a hot blond hitting on Brooks over at the theater” (there is still debate in our community about this. Not whether she was “hot”, but whether she was indeed “hitting on Brooks”. But we’ll save that for another blog post).

So I did make the trip over to the theater and introduced myself, actually 3 times over the next week. Each time reminding her of who I was. Her, each time expressing clearly she did not remember me. And so my plan for wooing her was not going as expected. It was not until she was invited to a home soccer game by a friend that she took any notice what-so-ever in me. I’m still not sure if it was the short shorts, the pony tail, or the tone in which I directed our team as a General directs his troops in battle. She would later say it was my butt that got her attention. I’m not making this up. Can I stop here and say that would never work for us men. We would be called chauvinistic pigs if we dared to tell a girl her butt was our first good impression of her. But it seemed to work for her.

Courtney had a way of carrying herself with a confident mystique. Her long blond hair and glasses only added to this reputation. So we hit it off and fell in love. Well, not so much. We actually started dating and broke up and dated and broke up. Then decided we just needed to be friends for good. So we became prayer partners and would do our devotions together. Seriously what were we thinking? These were some of the times I was most attracted to her in these “devotions”. There is just something beautiful about seeing a girl chase after the Heart of God. That is by far the most attractive quality one can have. But, it was in this time that we became real friends. Friends that talked, laughed, played, prayed, and even cried together. Sometime later (maybe 3 months) we resumed a dating relationship and it has been roses and fairy tales ever since. No that is not true; it has been a rollercoaster for the last 14 years (11 married), but a rollercoaster I would never exit and never put my hands down to hold on.

Side Note:  “We are waiting on Courtney to confirm all details of  this story are true.”

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  • miteeduk@gmail.com' Annie says:

    It’s not often that a guy makes his sister say, “Aww, how cute is that?”. Great story David. Thanks for sharing. Love, Annie

  • asburyplacemom@yahoo.com' Debbie McCaffrey says:

    I can’t testify to all those details…..but I can tell you that it was a joy to share those years at a certain University with you both. Congratulations on following your hearts right into the heart of God’s plan. Wishing you many, many more Valentine’s celebrations together.

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