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“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water….” You wonder whose side of the story this is, Jack’s or Jill’s?  Did Jack make her go with him, or was she in hot pursuit of the “Big Man on Campus”.  Stories always have AT LEAST two sides…and ours is no different.  

Yesterday David shared HIS version of the story of how we met…and I must say, it is quite accurate!  A few corrections:

  • It has been proven that I in fact was NOT hitting on Chris Brooks, but rather just the opposite.  As said in a speech given at our rehearsal dinner, by none other than the Best Man…Chris Brooks.
  • Subconsciously, I didn’t remember who David was, because I knew deep down, that he was out of my league.   Also, you know how those Soccer Players are!!
  • Although David’s posterior is what caught my initial “ah ha” moment, it was in fact that whole package…pony tail, shorts, leadership…and don’t forget the quads…again, you know how those soccer players are!

All in all, David was spot on…but although he seemed to be out of my league, loved by all the ladies and too good to be true…he was in fact just what I never knew I needed, or wanted.  I never dated the jocks…too much drama…never dated the nice guys…not enough drama…in fact I never really dated.  Considered going to a convent at one point, but absolutely swore off marriage…I wasn’t cut out for it.  

But David Reichley in all his greatness, truly showed me genuine love.  Friendship, Courtship, Spiritual leadership and loyalty.  Before I knew it, this guy that made my heart skip and had almost as much sarcasm as I had…was someone that I couldn’t live without.  He was becoming my partner…in life, in calling and in future. 

So, what exactly am I trying to say…throw away your lists, stop looking for what you want or need in  guy or girl and just let it happen.  Pursue what God has called you to pursue and one day you’ll look next to you and be surprised (or not) at who is standing beside you…ready to change the world.

(Side Note: – Proof the Reichleys are very much in love = 4 Amazing kids.  Waiting on Word of #5?)

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  • chaneyll@verizon.net' Linda Chaney says:

    I couldn’t wait to read your story but knew it would confirm David’s. I love the family photo. You may want to keep an eye on your son in the blue sweater…he has that Richley twinkle in his eyes! Hoping for good news on #5!

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