Love Is An Open Door

By October 17, 2014Culture

A month and a half ago, I started college 594 miles from home. I came out of living in an awesome discipling community and felt equipped and supported for this new season. My second week at college, as I was praying for community, comfort, and vision, I heard the Lord tell me to submit to Him and to others. This was fun to hear, but odd trying to do, because I had just come from a season of being in many leadership positions. Although I have peace about not pressing into leadership positions, I still crave community. We all do.
In setting up our dorm room, my roommate and I both decided we definitely wanted a couch, because we honestly didn’t bring too much and we could make room for it. Our $15 bedbug-free pullout couch from The Goodwill Warehouse has turned out to be one of the two most hospitable tools I could have. Our couch and our decision to consistently keep the door open have been the best tools of building relationships here. Although I’m not pressing into leadership roles yet (and I’m still transitioning to college life), I can be hospitable because I have an open door, a comfy couch and a listening ear. Here’s just a couple of things my little doorstop has caused:
Some girls I had never met walked in and felt comfortable talking with me, because they always noticed the open door when walking by.
There’s always a group of girls that literally just run by and scream my name every time they pass the open door to see if I’ll scream back.
One girl was sick and didn’t feel like going to pick up some milk, so she called me and asked if I could!
I was able to share the 5 Capitals with one girl who was overwhelmed with scheduling, which is so helpful in college.
Think about it: What Anna sings is so true. I absolutely love each one of these situations and all their quirks, because love is an open DOOOOOORRRRR. So does it take college tuition, late nights of homework and a tiny dorm room to be hospitable? What does your doorstop look like in your daily life? I know not everyone lives in as close proximity as my situation, but how can you be hospitable with what you already have? Is it your pantry supply? Your dog-walking schedule? Your favorite TV show? Kindle the kingdom with small steps because they add up, and our God duplicates what is good.



Mary Glazier is a student at Palm Beach Atlantic. She is from Pawleys Island is a part of the oikos here! She is an excellent student leader and a great friend to the Wayfarer team!'

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