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Blake, Wayfarer’s artist, is more than just a designer or a video producer. He calls himself a visual communicator. Just as our speakers try to use words to communicate the message God puts on our hearts, Blake seeks to find ways to communicate the message through something you see and experience. Blake is a native of Irvine, Calif., and a graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University. There, he focused his studies on critical thinking and creative problem-solving with an emphasis in visual expression. He spent four years as the media director at First United Methodist Church in Americus, Georgia, and was a freelancer before joining Wayfarer in April 2007. Since joining Wayfarer, Blake is a three-time finalists for istockphoto’s Design of the Year competition and a finalist for the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Book Cover Award. He also works as the art director and video producer for Wayfarer Camp. He and his wife Kim live in Moore, S.C.  They are expecting their first child, a son due this February.  We are excited about Blake becoming a dad!'

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  • Blake I have loved your visual communication ever since seeing a trailer for Domino Effect and since i have used your work to help inspire me to be more and more creative as i design graphics, websites and even videos. Thanks for using your gifts and talents to bring God glory!

  •' Courtney says:

    Blakey!! And don’t forget…he could be one of the best people with children I know…seriously. And a good shoulder to cry on….well, maybe?! Blakey for President!

  •' David says:

    I agree great guy, but probably not for President. Now Sheriff, he’d make a good Sheriff. Blake for Sheriff!

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