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The Domino EffectAs you know, Wayfarer released The Domino Effect earlier this year. We’re always excited to hear stories about how God is using the resources we create, and that’s true with The Domino Effect as well.

Thankfully, we have a unique way of collecting stories from The Domino Effect — a website called On this site, we post stories we get from people who have gotten a domino piece after going through The Domino Effect and how they passed that domino on. In the months and years to come, we’ll see the chain reaction of redemption and good that God is doing in our world through these stories.

Most of the stories currently on the site are from the domino effect that began when the series was originally done at Engage back in spring of 2007, and you can see how the 300 or so dominos we gave out then have spread across the country and even to different parts of the world. But a couple of stories of people who have gotten dominos through The Domino Effect resource have begun to trickle in, from places like Minnesota and Texas, and we’re adding them to as they come to us.

So if you’ve gotten a domino and passed it along, share the story with us at And keep checking back to see how God is spreading a domino effect of good across our world.'

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