PowerPlant presentation

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PowerPlant camps visit 25+ locations every summer, and these North American Mission Board mission camps for students partner with church planters throughout many areas and teach students what church planting is all about. Wayfarer has worked to help PowerPlant with curriculum for a few years now, and starting in 2011 Wayfarer has designed and created all the pre-camp curriculum, devotions, and sermon guides for PowerPlant camps.

Today, the ministers who will be serving as project coordinators for PowerPlant are meeting in Greenville, SC, and Wayfarer will be there to introduce the 2011 theme for PowerPlant and World Changers camps. We’re excited to get time to personally interact with these people who will be helping thousands of students this summer learn what it means to be church planters and help hundreds of church planters minister to the areas where God has called them.


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