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By day, David Reichley is the mild-mannered director of Wayfarer Camp. But at camp, David turns into REC MAN, whose curly blond wig has the ability to help any and every camper have fun. Each month, REC MAN will present a new game that you can use in your student ministry.
The game of the month to kick things off is Ga-Ga. The name itself is an intriguing one that invites people to want to know more. In its simplest form, Ga-Ga is a version of dodgeball. But before we go any further, it is NOT the athletes-only, “girls watch while guys kill each other” dodgeball of the 1980s that has become popular again thanks to Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

We introduced Ga-Ga at Wayfarer Camp 2011, and it was an overwhelming hit among girls and guys alike. I have seen it played in a variety of settings and boundaries, but for the sake of clarity, we’ll explain it the way we played.

Preparation: We built the arena, which is the field of play. The arena is a six-sided hexagon made of plywood. Each side was 3 feet tall by 8 feet wide. We hinged all 6 sides together to form the hexagon.

Participation: Between four and 20 students, depending on the size of the arena. We found that 10-20 students was the ideal number for the arena size listed above.

Supplies: An arena or other field of play. A dodgeball. People.

Objective: To eliminate other players by hitting them with the ball.

Start: All players enter the arena. The referee tosses the ball in the air. When the ball bounces, players shout “ga” on the first bounce and “ga” on the second bounce. The second bounce serves as the “whistle” that starts the game.

Finish: Play until all but one player is eliminated. The last player standing is the winner.

Rules: Players cannot catch or grab the ball. Players cannot kick the ball. Players can hit the ball with their hands in the direction of other players and/or off the walls to try to eliminate per players. If you are hit by the ball, either off a direct shot or off the wall, you’re out. Hits must be below the shoulders to count. If you hit another player in the head with the ball, the player who hit the ball is out, while the player who absorbed the head shot can keep playing. Players who are eliminated must exit the arena, but encourage them to stand just outside it cheering the game.
So there you Ga-Ga. It’s a great game I think you’ll love. You can see from the pictures that students love it. If you need to see more, click here to see a YouTube video. Give Ga-Ga a go. Have fun!
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