Redefining Normal at CrossRoads – Monday preview

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We began our journey of Redefining Normal at CrossRoads with the question What do you want? Then we turned the tables to ask What does God want? Chad Norris led us through the disturbing story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22) to show us that what God wants is often more than we expect – or, unfortunately, more than we are willing to give. But as he did, Norris showed us how what we do is really who we are, and he called us to redefine normal when it comes to obeying God.

Monday night at CrossRoads, we’re going to go one more step to think about what happens when what we want conflicts with what God wants. We’ll think about how this happens and how those who think they are obeying God can actually be at risk of choosing what we want over what God wants. And when this happens, we’re going to think about what it means to redefine normal. So join us at 6 p.m. Monday night for Session 3 of Redefining Normal.

By the way, the first two sessions from Sunday will be posted on the Engage podcast by the end of the day Monday. You can check it out in iTunes, and if you subscribe you’ll get to download all the messages from the series as soon as they’re available. (We’re working on posting the podcasts – they’ll go up either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.)

We hope to see you Monday night.'

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