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We love to flirt – to show interest, to try something new, to attract something better, and to imagine what could be. We flirt when we entertain ideas or possibilities or relationships with other people without really committing. We even flirt with God sometimes – living in the air and the opportunity between Him and us.

But does God flirt with us? You might not think so at first. But when we begin to look at Jesus after the resurrection, we see Him showing up and then quickly disappearing. He reveals pieces of who He is without spelling out systematic ideas. In many ways, He flirts.

In this series, we’ll look at four of these flirty moments from Jesus’ life. As we see these moments play out, we will find ourselves flirting with things like joy, passion, surprise, and mission. So now, in these flirty moments, let us seek to discover how the heart of Jesus reaches into the air and opportunity between God and us.

This is the heartbeat of the Room 1228 theme Flirt. We’re excited to launch this theme that focuses on four post-resurrection appearances of Christ and discovers what they say in the air and opportunity between God and us.

To find out more about Flirt and Room 1228, go to You and your group won’t want to miss the chance to flirt in the air and opportunity between God and us with Room 1228.'

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