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Everyone has a burden. And for some of us, our burden is God. Questions like these can reveal just how heavy this burden can be…

Do you ever feel like you couldn’t live up to God’s expectations?
Do you ever feel like people who rebel against God are living life however they desire and getting away with it?
Do you ever feel like you’re going through life alone because God doesn’t make any difference in your life?
Do you ever feel like God’s not really worth talking about?

The burdens we feel fromquestions like these are heavy—but they are not burdens we need to carry. In fact, these burdens are created by our inaccurate and incomplete understanding of who God is. They make us feel like God is weighing us down. But God is not.

These burdens are why we want to spend four sessions exploring what God is not. This series is designed to help us question our ideas and assumptions about God so that we can let go of the burdensome pictures of God that are weighing us down.We need to cast off and strip away these burdens so that we can see God as He really is.

When we finally choose to honestly face tough questions about God—questions about whether God is careless, or clueless, or useless, or speechless—we discover that God is not burdensome. His yoke really is easy, and His burden really is light.We discover that, thankfully, there are many things that God is not.

This is the heartbeat of our new Room 1228 theme God Is Not. In this companion to our God Is theme, we focus on four statements from Scripture that tell us what God is not so that we can get a better picture of what God Is.

To find out more about God Is Not and Room 1228, go to You and your group won’t want to miss the chance to let go of burdens and experience our God as He really is.'

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