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What’s the most important thing about you?

All of us would answer this question in different ways…
*Your answer might be your height or your heritage or your hobby.
*My answer might be my sense of humor or my sense of style or my sense of community.
*Or your friends’ answer might be how they use their talents or how they spend their time or how they plan their future.
But maybe there’s something about us as people that’s more important than any of these things – how we think about God. Maybe the most important thing about a person is what that person thinks about when that person thinks about God.
If that’s true – even partially – then what we think about God is a huge deal. And that’s why we’re going to try to find out who and what and how God really is. As we look at God from four different perspectives, we will start to get a better picture of all that God is.

This is the heartbeat of the Room 1228 theme God Is. We’re excited to launch this theme that focuses on who and what and how God is in Room 1228.

To find out more about God Is and Room 1228, go to You and your group won’t want to miss the chance to explore the many sides of God with Room 1228.

We’ll already shown you a pirated version of this video, and we’ll have even more about the making of the God Is video on the blog soon, so watch for that info as well. Until then, check out God Is at'

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