Room 1228 presents Switcheroo

What are you afraid of? That’s a question that we often hear, and when we do, we tend to respond to with answers like snakes, spiders, or the dark. While those are valid fears, if we’re honest we’ll admit that fear also targets us on a much deeper level, one that torments the core of who we are and how we live.

But have you ever thought about how fear targets us? It uses deception to cause us to think that challenging situations are bigger than they really are and that we are smaller inside than we really are. Basically, fear functions as a con man in our lives, using ruses like the switcheroo, the hustle, the sting, or the heist to fool us into falling for deceptions that tell us that we’re inadequate, or isolated, or unlovable.

Thankfully, we’re not defenseless against these cons. God’s love provides everything we need to pull the plug on fear’s deceptions and to switch the false ideas of fear to the truth. Now we’re the ones pulling off the switcheroo as we learn how to identify and break through fear’s con games by trusting God’s love to counter and conquer each one.

This is the heartbeat of the Room 1228 theme Switcheroo. We’re excited to launch this theme that focuses on the fears we all face will impact the lives of students and adults. This is an important topic for people of all ages, and we can’t wait to see how God uses it to pull the plug on fear’s deceptions.

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