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It’s almost time!  Rulebreaker will be available Monday November 1st for Free.  Need something for your group to do over the Holidays?  Interested in trying something new and see if it’s helpful and resourceful for you?  Then take this opportunity to try one of our series for Free.

Rulebreaker: A Christmas Story
Available November 1st – FREE FREE FREE

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song says. But do we take the time to stop and understand what the Christmas story really says? The peaceful nativity scenes that we see this time of year mask the fact that the story of Jesus’ birth as found in the Bible is a scandalous story of God breaking the rules.

A virgin gets pregnant. A carpenter decides not to divorce his suddenly pregnant fiancé. Smelly shepherds tromp into town to visit a baby that has been born in an equally smelly animal stall. And God even goes against His own law by choosing heathen astrologers to be the first official visitors to this miracle child. From every angle, the holiday that we celebrate every December 25 with candles, garland and bows, toys, and peaceful songs broke the rules.

Maybe we need to take the time to stop and understand what the story of the birth of Christ really says. Maybe we need to look unflinchingly at the scandal so that we can see Christ as He really is and therefore follow Him as He really is. Maybe we need to meet Christ the Rulebreaker — the One who breaks the rules for those broken by the rules'

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