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Wendy started back to work in the office this week after being off on maternity leave.  We are so glad to have her back.  Here are her thoughts…

This week is a special week and interestingly so, quite a unique one as well.  Why? I came back to work after being away from the office for 12 weeks on maternity leave. 

Though I’ve made this kind of return before…twice, actually, this “welcome back” still seems unique to me…because this time I leave my baby Jack. 

Though Jack is a spitting image of his brother, who is a spitting image of his father, and wears all of his brother’s hand-me-downs and sleeps in the exact same crib as the baby before, this little boy seems different to me.  No matter how familiar I am with baby toys and baby things in my house or how I accustomed I am to having random toys in my minivan or purse, this baby is different. He’s special, he’s his own person, and just as one-of-a-kind as the two babies who came before him. 

And because of that, my heart feels tugged just as much…probably more. This time I REALLY leave behind my baby. Jack will forever be “my baby”…every family has one and he is ours. We have our “dependable oldest”, our “strong-willed middle-child” and now we have our “baby in the family.” 

So, as the employee in me discusses websites, camp and what needs to be done today that will help us in 6 months, my mommy mind is EVER-aware of my sweet baby at home. And what mother’s isn’t? It’s just part of our God-given fabric. 

The truth is Wayfarer makes me a better mom. And being a mom makes me better at Wayfarer. I’m thankful that the two work so well together.'

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  •' angiemjohnson says:

    That photo just made me smile!! He is adorable and you look fantastic. I love reading your thoughts and feelings on the third child — I’ll let you know my feelings on #3 shortly! Love you. Angie

  •' Erin Nalls Freeman says:

    You’re such a GREAT mom!!! I love you and baby Jack! Welcome back to Wayfarer!

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