Starting the summer in Rome

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Wayfarer’s team – Dave Rhodes, Chad Norris, Robert Neely, Dawn Sherill, Allen Kirkland, David Reichley, Blake Berg and even our intern Valine Mullen – hits the road today to start our summer schedule with our great friends and partners from WinShape Camps. Wayfarer will spend the next three days training the WinShape Camps summer staff in regards to the curriculum Wayfarer created for these camps and also on the topics of teaching and leading small groups.

For the third year, Wayfarer has created curriculum for WinShape. This year, Wayfarer created custom curriculums for Boys Camp, Girls Camp, and C3 Day Camps. More than 10,000 students in elementary, middle, and high school will become WinShape campers this summer, and we’re excited about the opportunity to minister to the staff that will be ministering to these campers.

And if you want a sneak preview of what’s happening in WinShape Camps’ StudioU this summer, check out this video.'

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