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Oh, the Summer. 

It is the oldest cliché in the world, but yet it’s true: Time flies. Summer came and went like a phantom in the night. I absolutely love all my summers. I love meeting new people, eating good food, and going to worship every night. It is bittersweet to see it end. I won’t miss the weeks of being away from my family, but I will miss the excitement of seeing God do so many neat things on a daily basis. 

If I had to list one thing that stood out to me about this summer, it would be this: I was really blown away by how much people really hurt on a consistent basis. Summer reminds me of how much pain people are really in. I think that is why so many people have loved reading The Shack. I get so used to my little bubble that summertime absolutely gets my attention when it comes to the pain that people carry with them. During the times of invitation at every time, I realized just how much people need the Lord. I met with students who can’t stop cutting themselves. I prayed for students that were planning their own death. I prayed for students so addicted in sexual sin that they had lost complete hope. I saw students that had the roughest home life I could ever describe. Pain. Hurt. It is overwhelming when you think about it, yet that was the reality of my summer – teenagers dealing with pain. 

For me personally, it has shown me the power of a family that fights to be close to each other. I noticed that in most of these students’ lives, their families were a wreck. I can only pray that God blesses me and my family in a way that we love each other and battle for a championship team. This summer made me want to hold Sam and Ruthie and say over and over, “I love you.” Sam is starting kindergarten next week – I will be in the fetal position for a day. 

I’m starting to ramble, so I will end this recap. 

I loved my summer. It was not glamorous at all. I was shocked at the extent of the pain. But, through it all, I loved those 8 weeks.'

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